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Pre Civil War – Vietnam

Homeschool Art Curriculum - Art Study - Art LessonsDrawing on History is an interactive approach to art appreciation and art history, designed and written for homeschool or independent high school students, individually or in a group setting. Drawing on History, Pre Civil War–Vietnam covers one year of required high school fine arts credits, giving the student an overview of many of the major art movements from Romanticism of the 1830s to Psychedelic art of the 1960s. This book was written to parallel the Beautiful Feet U.S. and World History curriculum, but can stand alone or be used to enhance any world history curriculum by teaching hands-on art lessons for each time period. While creating art in the style of the masters, students will gain a better understanding of world history and art history as they unfold together.


Included with each book is exclusive access to the Resource Center at KnoodleU.com which provides valuable lesson support, videos, and free project downloads to enhance your studies.

The Author

Deborah Swanson holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Otis Art Institute in Los Angeles, California, where she completed majors in Communication Design and Illustration in 1986. She and her husband currently own and operate Studio 101 West, a photography and graphic design studio in Atascadero, California.

Deborah Swanson - Author of Drawing on History - High School Art CurriculumFor the past ten years she concurrently homeschooled her two children and maintained her design business. Her oldest graduated from high school in 2010 after being homeschool for 10 years and her youngest entered public high school in the fall of 2010 after being homeschooled for 9 years. Deborah worked as the Director of Calvary Christian School (a homeschool ISP) for five years, after which she created her own independent school for her two children. She has spent the past eight years co-op educating history, science, literature, and art with a number of her friends and their children. When she is not teaching, running her business, or writing, she loves to paint landscapes and still-lifes in acrylic and to spend time with her husband and their two children in the great outdoors.

Her approach to teaching history has always been through historical fiction, art, and hands-on projects. Her two children, and many others whom she has had the privilege to teach, have always enjoyed this tactile approach to learning. After taking five high school boys through many of the projects in this book, she realized that more students could enjoy this type of learning even if they weren’t interested in art, and decided to put it into book form. Her goal with this book was to give every mom, artist or not, the ability to teach history, art history, and art to their students and to give high school students another, different resource to learn about the history of the world as it relates to art.


Learning without limits
KnoodleU™ (ka-noodle-u): a fictitious place, an action, or an idea; primarily to use your brain (your noodle) in order to create art and express yourself without limits.

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Art may be one of the hardest subjects to teach your student if you think you are not very creative or know nothing about it.


Many people tell us that art is the subject they leave until everything else is done and then, of course, it never happens. The problem with this approach is that they miss a very important subject which every student needs to experience. Art gives us all a place to express ourselves, to learn communication through a visual medium, and the ability to understand the past by studying other artists.


KnoodleU™ and Drawing on History will give you the tools and the resources to teach art to your students without needing to be an artist yourself.

Why is Homeschool Art so Important

Homeschool Art - Art-rich education - Importance of Art

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Who Said:

Drawing on History is absolutely unique! Deborah Swanson, homeschool mom and artist extraordinaire, has blessed us with a book that not only educates but fully engages the student. With clear explanations and superb layout, this book will enrich anyone’s understanding and appreciation of both art and history.”

Andrew Pudewa, Institute for Excellence in Writing


Drawing on History is a delightful introduction for anyone desiring to add art history and composition to his or her student’s education. . . Easy to follow directions for creating these compositions removes the intimidation factor for the less artistically inclined. . . Carefully chosen examples of major art pieces, inspiring student samples, and expert layout and design make this guide a visual feast.

. . .Those fortunate enough to use this engaging guide, will learn how art reflects the social, cultural, and historical realities of the day, and in so doing find a fresh and inspiring window into the world of history and art.”

Rea Berg, Beautiful Feet Books

our mission

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To give every student the opportunity, ability, and tools to study art through an understanding of history, while giving them the resources to apply that knowledge to their own creative work.